IP Address Geolocation checker

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address called IP number sometimes. IP is a code containing numbers and dots to identify a device like web servers, computers, and smartphones, etc. This IP address lookup tool will tell where the IP address is located. Out IP lookup/locator tool will try to get continent, country, state, and city information.


IP Lookup
IP Address:
IP Status:206
Region Name:
Area Code:
DMA (Designated Market Area) Code:
Country Code:US
Country Name:United States
Continent Code:NA
Currency Symbol:$

Tool Details and User Instructions

IP Locator is also called IP Look UP  or Where is My IP Tool. IP finder is used to find the location of a router or computer, the device’s name and the owner. For example, a user can use IP look-up to find the location of the individual to avoid fraud. IP Tracer is a perfect tool to find the location of an IP from any domain or IP. By using our IP Address Locator, you can find the geographical location of an IP address along with some other additional information including Time Zone, Country, State and City, etc.


– IP Status (Alive or Not, 200 means Live IP)
– City (in which city the ip is located)
– Region (in which region ip is located)
– Area code
– Designated Market Area (DMA) Code
– Country Code & Name
– Latitude & Longitude
– Currency & Currency Symbol
– Location on Google Maps

The things you won’t get with our tool are:

The street address and person’s name because of privacy issues.

If you still need more information about an IP, you may use some third party services such as Dnsstuff or Geobytes.

How does geolocation work?

There is a WHOIS database ARIN that provides registration and contact information against an IP address.

Using Instructions of IP address Locator:


  Enter the IP address in the given text field you want to locate.


  Click Submit to discover the location of the IP.  IP will be located in seconds depending upon the information of the IP given in the database.