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IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is an address of a computer or a device Using TCP/IP on a network. The numbers “” are the example of an IP address. There are three main classes (groups) of an IP: A Class, B Class, C Class. Enjoy our free IP checker tool. You may put valid domain name, for example, "toolsiseek.com" instead of IPs.

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C-Class is the particular sets of large networks where a few computers are attached. 192…223 are the value which Class C have as a first Octet. First three octets are used by C Class to identify a network, possibly 20,080,800 which means, 254 computers supported by each of them.

Why there is so much talk about C Class IPs?

Mostly “C Class IPs” are used by SEO hosting providers to assign to the websites so that they can link with each other without getting any search engine penalty. C Class IP may signal the search engines that the same person owns all the linking websites.

There is two kind of thoughts about SEO hostings:

1. According to the one side, using C Class IPs through SEO hosting is a bad idea and a waste of time because it doesn’t work at all.
2. The other side says, SEO hostings still work, and they are getting good results from them.

It is a reality that all hosted domain names are mapped to IP addresses, and it is very easy for Google to flag those sites that are linking to each other and hosted on a single IP address. The people who think SEO hosting is a scam, I think they’re not a scam if you are hosting just five domains. But if would host hundreds of domains then you are wasting your time. But you should keep the following points in mind:

– Google is way smarter than you think. Do don’t play with Google.
– Google can check and analyze all the backlinks in a minute to determine whether they are owned by the same person or not.

Find more information about IP addresses. Also, check our IP address lookup tool.

How to use C-class I.P. checker?


  First you must enter IP’s in a text area with a line break after each IP.


 Click Submit for processing. It may take some time to load your results into a table.


 You can export your results in an Excel sheet by clicking the Export button.