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The term URL encoding stands for encoding certain characters and also known as Percent-Encoding. The characters get replaced with one or more triplets that contain percentage character “%” followed by two hexadecimal digits. The hexadecimal digits represent the replaced characters, a numeric value. URL encoding is a mechanism to encode information in the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) under certain circumstances.

This online URL or text encoder and decoder can encode any decoded string or decode any encoded string.

Tool Details and User Instructions

URL encoding is a technique in which characters are formatted in a form (URI) that can easily be transferred over the internet. Some URLs are to be converted into an ASCII format because sometimes URLs contain some characters that are not included in the ASCII set. But this URL encoder can do the job for you.

There are two types of URI characters:

1. Reserved (Have special meaning e-g “*, ‘, &, $, !, /”)
2. unreserved (no such meaning e-g “%2A, %27, %26, %24, %21, %2F”)

Encoding is required when HTML form data is submitted, field names and values are encoded and sent to a server in HTTP request method using GET or POST or via email. Early versions of URL’s percent encoding rules are used in Encoding.

Encoding Schemes

There are various encoding schemes:

Hex Encoding: A hex value is used against a character in hex encoding. Hex representation of the string “toolsiseek” is “746F6F6C73697365656B”.

Base64 Encoding: The primary use of base64 encoding is in HTTP authentication to authenticate user credentials. Base64 representation of “toolsiseek” is “dG9vbHNpc2Vlaw==”.

Unicode Encoding: There are two types of Unicode encoding: 16-bit and UTF-8.

HTML Encoding: It is used to encode HTML characters using ASCII code.

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How to use Online URL/Text Encoder/Decoder:


    Enter URL in the text field you want to encode.


  Click Submit for encoding and decoding of your URL.


  Click Export to download results in an excel sheet.