HTTP 301 and 302 URL Redirect Chain Checker

HTTP 301 and 302 URL Redirect Checker enables a user to check if a URL / Page is redirected. The 301 redirect checker will display the HTTP status code and the destination URL. The tool checks redirection in depth, up to 10 redirect chain checker.

Note: 100 Domains Allowed
Up to 10 redirect chain/status code checker

Tool Details and User Instructions

URL redirection refers to a technique that is used to make a web page available under one or multiple URL(s), also called domain forwarding or domain redirection. URL redirect is a function of a web server that sends a user from one URL to another. There are types of redirect available, including meta tag refresh, JavaScript, frames, server-side scripts, HTTP 3xx series status code and manual redirects, but our redirect checker can track any redirects to any extent. Reasons to redirect a URL to another are: 

– Changing of business name
– On merging of two websites
– Direct traffic to recently updated content
– Direct content to updated domain name
– Marketing test of landing page split testing

Setting up redirects in a bad way can harm valuable search engine traffic. You must make sure to set up redirects correctly when a search engine such as Google crawls your website.

Keep in mind and are considered as different URLs. They are different and could lead to different type of content. If you’re trying to move your domain name to another domain, make sure to 301 redirects the old domain first. When a search engine will detect a 301 redirect, the engine will remove the old URL from the index after some time and present the new URL in their index.

Please do 301 redirects carefully because messing up a URL structure could harm your ranking in the search results.

If you don’t know how to 301 redirect your domain name or URL, you are welcome to contact us, we’ll gladly help you out in resolving your issue.

Using Instructions of Redirect Checker:


  Enter a website URL in the text field.


  Click Submit to check the redirects of the website URL you inserted. After tracking, results are shown in a table.


To download results in an excel sheet click Export.