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Tool Details and User Instructions

Structured data markup is a way of communicating with the search engines so they could better present your content in SERPs. Use our schema creator to generate seven types of schemas.

Why do we use structured data? was launched by Yahoo, Google and Bing in 2011, later Yandex (a Russian search engine) also joined the initiative. The main purpose was to design and maintain a standard set of schemas. Much of the vocabulary is inspired by OpenCyc, GoodRelations (The eCommerce’s web vocabulary), FOAF and Microformats.

The main purpose of the HTML tags is to display your web pages. In a different way, you can say the HTML tags use for “User Interface”. But the Main Disadvantage of the HTML tags is that they do not describe the information about the string written in them.

The HTML tag <b>ToolsISeek</b> means it just Bold the Text/string written in the <b> tag like “ToolsISeek”. But the <b> tag doesn’t provide necessary information for a search engine like the scope, organization type, etc. In structured data, the string or the text in the HTML tag remains the same, we just define its Scope By Using “Itemscope” and define its type by using its “Itemtype”.

The above <b> tag after applying the schema is like:

<div itemscope itemtype="">

Now the above markup means “ToolsISeek” is an organization.

Effects on ranking

There is no reliable evidence that structured data affects rankings in SERP. But using structured data on web pages can get you better click through rate because the search result will be properly presented to the users that can make them click.

Note: It is possible to use the Schema with JSON-LD and RDFa, but not microformats.


– Ability to create Ten type of schema with this schema creator. (Person, Product, Event, Organization, Movie, Book, Reviews, Comment, Address, and Breadcrumb).


Bread Crumb is an extra Functionality in this tool. In simple words, the Breadcrumbs means the path. For Example in “Artificial Intelligence,” there is a searching technique name as “Backtracking”. In this technique when it is not able to find its destination, it saves the previous state, and it goes back and find its target from another path.

Like the “Backtracking” the usage of BreadCrumb is in User Interfaces like in websites and documents, Softwares and applications.